2017, Week 2: Got their number

2017, Week 2: Falcons 34, Packers 23

Packers Atlanta

So the Falcons have the Packers’ number. Just like the 49ers did for several years, and just like the Cowboys did for nearly a decade. The Packers just can’t stop them nor can they even slow them down. This was another embarrassing defeat, the final score 34-23, which was a lot closer than the game really was.

+: Davante Adams. He put up some nice numbers with some great catches. Unfortunately it all happened once the team was already down 31-7.

-: PI calls. Some questionable calls on offensive pass interference plays ended up helping the Packers get in such a big hole. Cris Collinsworth pointed out that the calls were way off.

2017 Green Bay Packers: 1-1

Next week: vs. Cincinnati

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