AD 20-23: Out there

Azumanga Daioh episodes 20-23 review

AD 22

Azumanga Daioh just went… out there this week. Bizarre, surreal, psychedelic humor, if you will. I watched four episodes, and I found myself not laughing as much as just shaking my head. I like this series, don’t get me wrong, but these episodes just weren’t my thing. They were more like the beginning of Lucky Star.

And can we please do something about Osaka’s voice? I hate that Southern accent on her. Nothing against Southern accents, but no Japanese character should sound like they came from Tennessee. I’m becoming picky with my dubs these days. Half of the Hunter x Hunter cast is miscast. Some other shows have peculiar ways of pronouncing words and names. And this Osaka accent is just terrible. It really detracts from the show.

Episode 20 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 21 rating: **1/2

Episode 22 rating: ***

Episode 23 rating: **

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