Suzuka 12-14: The juice is loose

Suzuka episodes 12-14 review

Suzuka 13

I enjoy Suzuka a lot more the second time through watching it than I did the first time. I don’t know why, but everything seems to be better this time. In any case, episode 14 is where I stopped watching the first time, meaning that everything from here on out will be stuff I’ve never seen before.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Suzuka, it’s less of a sports anime and more of a romance. Suzuka is the b**** I mean girl who is a high jump star and the crush of Yamato, the main character. Yamato is infatuated with Suzuka, but I can’t say he really loves her. He’s just like me with one of my many crushes. In my teenage mind, I thought I was in love. No, I wasn’t, I just thought the girl was pretty.

So every last breath Yamato takes, he is trying to impress Suzuka. He is utterly obsessed with her, and it’s an unhealthy obsession. He joined the track team just to be closer to Suzuka. He bought a newspaper subscription just to impress Suzuka (by getting free tickets with the newspaper). He literally does nothing but think about Suzuka. Can you guess how Suzuka responds to all this?

That’s right, the same way all my crushes have responded to me. (Actually, my #1 crush Allison never knew I had a crush on her. She’s the one who got away.) Suzuka has absolutely no interest in Yamato. She hates him. She criticizes him at every last moment. She is holding up a giant sign that says “NO.”

How does Yamato respond? Why, he does exactly what I would do, he tries harder. But here’s where the comparisons to me end. Because Yamato has his own not-so-secret admirer, Honoka. Yamato : Suzuka :: Honoka : Yamato. Basically, Honoka does exactly what Yamato is doing to Suzuka. She joins the track team not as an athlete but as a towel carrier (that’s how low she’ll stoop to get Yamato’s attention).

So how does Yamato respond to Honoka? You guessed it, he spurns her in favor of the girl who hates him. But in these episodes, Yamato decides that he’s going to use Honoka. And I really mean that word “use.” After Honoka kisses Yamato in a moment of selfishness (the only selfish moment out of the adorable Honoka), Yamato decides to start “going out” with Honoka just to make Suzuka jealous.

So now we find out in the second half of Suzuka exactly how this love triangle works out. Honoka? She’s sweet, she’s nice, she’s even got big breasts (as seen in episode 12, the swimsuit episode of Suzuka). But she’s simply a means to an end for Yamato. As for Yamato, he doesn’t deserve Honoka. Maybe he does deserve that b**** Suzuka. Suzuka? She deserves to die as an old maid. What an utter b****. Sorry, that’s the only word that describes her. I love the way her voice actress Leah Clark portrayed her. She got the voice perfect for her. The actress is nothing like the character, just to be clear.

Coming up next week: uncharted waters in the world of Suzuka. What shall happen? (Here’s a hint: there’s a sequel to Suzuka. That might spoil it.)

Episodes 12-14 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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