HxH 65: It’s coming, next week!

Hunter x Hunter episode 65 review

HxH 65

Let’s forget for a moment that the Bomber killed off a ton of people, that the one guy barely escaped being killed along with them, that the Phantom Troupe got kicked out and a yacht blown up for no reason, and that rock-paper-scissors is playing a giant role in the series as I’ve promised you it would. Let’s instead focus on the fact that the stupidest moment in Hunter x Hunter history is coming up next week! Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint: that stupidest moment is connected to the one thing that happened this week that I haven’t mentioned. So it has nothing to do with the Phantom Troupe, Gon, Bisky, the Bomber, the Bomber’s pals, or the guy who was able to turn off his bomb just in time. Now, can you guess who this involves? And can you guess what this involves?

You will know it when you see it. Here’s another hint, a reason for why it’s so stupid. Can you think of what hooked us on Hunter x Hunter? It isn’t hard to figure out, because it happened so early. Now just think about what great fun that was, and think, “what would be the stupidest way that it could have happened?” Also, think about how difficult a certain arc was. An arc that even Olympic marathon runners couldn’t complete. Then think, “how can something super-difficult be turned into something super-easy?” Are you there yet? Have you come to the conclusion as to what stupidity is about to occur?

It’s all happening next week, the worst episode in Hunter x Hunter history!

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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