F/sn 11-12: Excalibur

Fate/stay night episodes 11-12 review

Fsn 12

I’m watching the original Fate/stay night, which is like watching the first series of Hunter x Hunter. You can’t find anything about it on the interwebs. Finding pictures to go with these posts is nigh impossible. Yet I have this to say about the series: it’s awfully good.

No, I don’t understand the Holy Grail Wars or all this terminology they’re using. But I love Rin Tohsaka, and the interaction between Shirou and Saber and Tohsaka is a lot of fun. Plus Saber’s fights are really awesome to watch. This is a really good series, and I can’t believe it’s slipped between the cracks. Everyone watches Unlimited Blade Works, which I assume comes after this (I don’t really have much of a clue about the Fate series). All I know is: Tohsaka is best girl.

Episode 11 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 12 rating: ***1/2

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