E21 48-49: This isn’t football

Eyeshield 21 episodes 48-49 review

E21 48

I’ve been very lavish in my acclaim for Eyeshield 21, but now it’s time for a dose of reality: the game they play on the field in this series is not football.

I can’t tell what the game really is, in fact. For starters, you never see Deimon on defense. They’re always on offense. The only time the other team scores is when they intercept a pass or otherwise steal the ball. (Note to my 10-year-old self: the Steelers are not called the “Stealers” because they “steal” the ball off the other team.) And every time Deimon is on offense, they’ve got one receiver, one running back, and one tight end. Where are the other two players?

Let’s actually map this out for a second:

.E21 X's & O's

The O on the far left is Monta. The O on the bottom is Eyeshield 21/Sena, and the O above him is Hiruma, the quarterback. The five on the line are Kurita, his disciple whose name I don’t remember, and the Ha-Ha Brothers. The O on the far right is the tight end Taki. Count those O’s for a moment. What number do you come up with?

Nine. As in, two short of a full team. Where are the other two players? Granted, you could technically run a play in the formation as shown above. You have seven men on the line of scrimmage, and that’s a legal formation. But you’d have little to no chance at moving the ball with only 9 guys (granted, the longest run in NFL history came with only 10 men on the field for the offense, but that is an oddity).

So there’s something seriously wrong with the actual football of Eyeshield 21. To boot, the Devil Bats score 56 points, but they have no kicker and they are never shown going for two (either that, or they missed their first four 2-point conversions of the game, which the Pittsburgh Steelers did do last season). I’m sorry, but I’ve got to throw a flag on the play. I want real football. I don’t want fake football. It may be more viewer friendly – I beg to differ, the real game is fun enough to watch. Unfortunately, the lack of realism in the game is causing me to lose interest.

Episode 48 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 49 rating: **

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