Suzuka 8-11: What a stalker!

Suzuka episodes 8-11 review

Suzuka 8

Yamato Akitsuki is such a stalker! All he ever does is chases after Suzuka. Every single thing he does is in order to get closer to Suzuka, even when it’s clear that she wants no part of him. At one point, Suzuka flat-out slaps him. Unfortunately, that isn’t a wake-up call, as he’s still off stalking Suzuka the next day.

The series itself is a joy to watch, even though Suzuka’s a b**** and Yamato’s a stalker. Poor Honoka doesn’t get enough screen time. Even so, it’s very entertaining. I’m liking it a lot more than I did the first time watching through.

Episodes 8-11 rating: ***

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