Princess Nine 9-13: Out of the park

Princess Nine episodes 9-13 review

Princess Nine men

The non-descriptive photo is because I can’t find any good photos from this series. It’s too old…

…and too good. Princess Nine has exceeded every expectation I had for it. I never thought this would become one of my all-time favorites. It’s now on the tier of Re:Zero, a show I love with a passion, yet no one else seems to notice. Princess Nine, of course, is long over. But it’s more than just a sports anime. It’s got everything a show should have. The characters are amazing, and the way they clash with each other makes for perfect conflict to keep you guessing. And while some of the actual sports stuff is too predictable – you always know when someone’s going to get a hit – the way these nine (actually ten) girls come together to form a dysfunctional team is just too entertaining to look away.

This is becoming one of my all-time favorite shows. Maybe by the end it’ll be on that top tier, the tier Shangri-La entered earlier this year. In any case, Princess Nine is a joy to watch, and even if you don’t like baseball, this is one I’d definitely recommend to check out and see for yourself!

Episodes 9-13 rating (out of four stars): ****

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