F/sn 9-10: Tohsaka is best girl

Fate/stay night episodes 9-10 review

Fsn 9

I’ve only watched 10 episodes of Fate/stay night, but I’m ready to lay down the verdict: Rin Tohsaka is best girl.

Why? Well, to be fair, we haven’t seen too many girls yet, but she’s definitely ready to compete in the Anime Bracket. She’s got that attitude – she’s not easy to get along with, but you can tell she has a good heart. Oh, sure, earlier she said she was going to kill Shirou (the main character), then relented in Beerus-like fashion, for no good reason. So she starts a lot of arguments with Shirou, but otherwise is actually a great supporter of his. And I really find her dub voice pleasing – which is odd because usually it’s the voice that turns me off to a character.

And while Tohsaka has been so awesome, so have the episodes. Saber’s fight with an invisible sword was fun to watch in episode 9, then it was great to see her teach Shirou how to fight in episode 10. Fate/stay night has turned it around from a slow start.

Episode 9 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 10 rating: ***1/2

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