Suzuka 5-7: Running out of breath

Suzuka episodes 5-7 review

Suzuka 5

These three episodes see Yamato go through the progression of “shy boy with a crush” to “all-out stalker.” Yamato is the main character, a boy who has trouble speaking out his feelings for Suzuka. Suzuka is the girl he has a crush on, and she’s really good at the high jump. She’s also a cold hard b****. Yamato wants to go out with her, but he starts getting desperate. He buys a subscription to a newspaper just so he can get free tickets to an amusement park to take her to. He confesses his feelings to her at the amusement park after barely knowing her. And now he’s joining the track team as a sprinter in order to spend more time with her.

I understand completely where Yamato is, but at the same time I see how his actions are coming off as creepy. And with Suzuka being the way she is, it’s foolhardy to expect that he’s going to win her over with these antics, right? Please, Yamato, just choose Honoka over Suzuka. What a fool he is to overlook her!

Episode 5 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 6 rating: ***1/2

Episode 7 rating: **1/2

2 thoughts on “Suzuka 5-7: Running out of breath

  1. Suzuka is such a trip of an anime because of just how unlikeable the two leads are haha. Glad to see that you’re making your way through them again! I like to revisit this series every once and while, too.

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    1. I know! Every time Suzuka acts nasty, I just shake my head and mutter “Suzuka.” What’s sad is that poor Honoka has a front row seat to all this, and she ends up unfulfilled (at least in the manga, not sure how far the anime goes, I only made it halfway through my first watch).

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