HxH 64: Bomberman

Hunter x Hunter episode 64 review

HxH 64

Nen is back! And it’s the obsession of Bisky, Gon and Killua. In fact, 2/3 of this episode was simply Nen talk. Honestly, the exact specifics of Nen are not important when it comes to the big battles of this series, so my eyes glaze over every time Nen is mentioned. And did I mention something about rock-paper-scissors being important? Yeah, it showed up again.

But the real excitement of this episode came when “the Bomber” revealed himself. “The Bomber” has set a bomb on all the people who wanted to help him beat the game. “The Bomber” needed only to say the words “the Bomber” while touching them in order to set the bombs on these people. Now all these people have bombs on them that will go off soon, and the only way to get them off is… check that, they don’t really explain what he’s going to get in return. He’s just an evil dude.

Now here’s the problem: no one cares or gives a crap about any of these characters with the bombs on them! We don’t know a single person’s name of these people with the bombs on them, or if we were supposed to know their names, they weren’t very memorable. So a bunch of guys are going to get blown up. So what? I don’t know a thing about these guys. They could be as evil as the Phantom Troupe for all I know. Why should I worry about them when none of their characters are established? This is a huge, huge problem for Hunter x Hunter. Sadly we traded out Kurapika and Leorio for these losers.

This was not a good episode. But don’t worry; it only gets worse from here.

Character of the episode: Gon

Episode rating (out of four stars): *1/2

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