Suzuka 1: High jump

Suzuka episodes 1-4 review

Suzuka 1.png

Suzuka Asahina is one of the biggest b****es in anime history. This is one of the main themes that hit home when you watch Suzuka. She is that girl you knew in high school who no one could possibly please, the one who made fun of everyone else, the one who always looked down on you. In only four episodes, she proves herself to be just as nasty and mean as any girl I’ve ever met.

And yet Yamato Akitsuki loves her. So much, in fact, that he has a girl in Honoka Sakurai practically throwing herself at him, and he ignores her in search of Suzuka’s affection. Honoka is the girl he should be after; Suzuka should be the one who dies as an old maid.

The dub for this show is phenomenal; I know I’ve been tough on some dubs lately, but not this one. It’s about as good as any I’ve heard, even the dubbed songs that replace the original opening and ending themes (same melody, different lyrics and singer). And this is not nearly as boring as I remember it being. Actually, it’s quite good. I look forward to seeing more action, including the high jump and sprints that are so important to this show.

Episodes 1-4 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2