F/sn 5-6: Getting better

Fate/stay night episodes 5-6 review

Fsn 5

Just when I was about to drop Fate/stay night, the series came back with two down-to-earth episodes that made me reconsider. The first was a humorous episode where Shiro introduced Saber to his friends. The second was a more serious episode where Tohsaka threatens to kill Shiro, then relents after a girl is in trouble at their school.

Tohsaka appears to be the “Rio” of Fate/stay night; Rio was a character in Spiral who tried to kill Ayumu (the main character) on several occasions, yet by the end of the series the two of them were working hand in hand and could almost be considered friends. That’s the same dynamic going on here. Tohsaka is about to kill Shiro, but minutes later is helping bind his wounds.

Overall, these were two very entertaining and enjoyable episodes. Remember that I’m watching the original Fate/stay night, not the newer versions that have been put out. Thus what I talk about and what you may Google will come up as two different things; anytime you Google Fate/stay night, you get the later versions (it’s sort of like Hunter x Hunter). In any case, good episodes here.

Episode 5 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 6 rating: ***

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