E21 42-43: Penalty kick

Eyeshield 21 episodes 42-43 review

E21 43

If Eyeshield 21 just never had any actual games, it would be a near-perfect anime. Heck, if it just focused on soccer, it would be near-perfect. The soccer penalty kick shootout in Episode 43 was amazing to watch. But unfortunately, Eyeshield 21 has actual American football games from time to time, and you may know that I’m a bit of an expert on football. (Seriously, I am an expert. I’d love to go on a Who Wants to be a Millionaire?-style game show and prove my smarts on my NFL knowledge.) And Eyeshield 21‘s depiction of football is, well, off.

First of all, why don’t the Deimon Devil Bats go for two since they don’t have a kicker? Or are they that incompetent on offense that they seriously went 0-for-6 on two-point conversions? And how come every touchdown comes down to a one-on-one matchup between either Sena or Monta and a player on the opposing team? That makes little sense. Football is a team game, not a one-on-one iso (isolation) game like basketball can be. Unfortunately, the actual football in Eyeshield 21 sucks, and that’s kind of important in a sports anime.

As for everything else, it was super-entertaining to watch, especially the penalty kick shootout where the dog scored a goal. Basically, Sena and Monta challenge the soccer team to a shootout, and they don’t have enough people to do the shootout, so they have to have the dog mascot kick the ball as one of their shooters – and he scores! It’s funny stuff.

Also, a new character is introduced – Musashi the kicker. Whether he joins the team (yet) or not is still up in the air, but it’s nice to have a new character, and it’s nice that we’ll finally get to see the team have reasonable scores in football games. This is the way you introduce new characters, you ease their way into the show, much unlike the barrage of bullets Tokyo Ghoul throws at you as they introduce tons of characters at once. Yet again another reason why Tokyo Ghoul sucks, but Eyeshield 21 is great.

Episode 42 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 43 rating: ****