HxH 63: 2BA Master

Hunter x Hunter episode 63 review

HxH 63

Bisky has an annoying voice. Like, really annoying. Look, I know I’m a big dub guy, but these English dub voices have missed the mark. The worst is Killua, of course, because if you listen to the original Japanese, Killua doesn’t sound in the least bit like a girl. (Neither does Gon, either, actually; I don’t think some of the later scenes where Gon turns rogue are going to work very well.) Bisky never came off as an annoying little brat in the original Japanese. I don’t know why they decided to make her that way in the dub.

That being said, we are inching closer and closer to that moment that Hunter x Hunter jumps the shark. And I mean that it jumps the shark and falls off a cliff in the process. There was a hint of it in this week’s episode. Can you guess what it is yet? I won’t give it away, but you’ll know it when you see it. Something so ridiculous and so disappointing, and really stupid too.

But enough about that. This episode had the boys start their training under Bisky. Since we’ve decided to replace their voices, it sounds like three children squabbling, but whatever. The fight they have with the bounty hunter is really a waste of time; Gon just sort of lets him go after he’s beaten. Then it’s off to this certain city, but in order to get there, Gon and Killua are going to have to mine their way there. The thing I don’t get is that they have to sleep while tied to a rock that could fall on their heads. Let’s face it, this is stretching it. There’s no way you could fall asleep yet keep yourself from letting your arm down. This type of stuff as part of training is stupid; I’m sure there are more realistic ways to show them training.

All in all, this episode had a lot of problems, but let’s just get used to them as part of the Greed Island arc. Hunter x Hunter is never going to be a perfect anime; it’s always going to have its faults. Despite them, it’s still a pretty good show. It may not sound like it from all my whining, but it still is entertaining.

Character of the episode: Bisky

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2