Black Butler II OVAs 1-6 review

Ciel in Wonderland

The OVAs of Black Butler II are absolutely bizarre… but in a good way. The first and the fourth are a two-part take on Alice in Wonderland with Ciel as the titular character. This includes a scene with Ran-Mao as a naked mushroom that you will never, ever forget. (Seriously, her breasts are bigger than watermelons. And there’s no escaping from the fanservice.) These ones were pretty funny, even though they made little sense.

Episode two was a first-person episode where you viewed the episode through the eyes of a character who was plotting to kill Ciel Phantomhive. It’s an interesting take, but ultimately not all that great. Episode three was by far the funniest, a breaking-of-the-fourth-wall where all the characters act as if they are actors playing the parts of their characters. This included a bad-attitude Hannah and some great scenes out of Sebastian and Grell, not to mention more fanservice from Ran-Mao and Mey-Rin.

Episode five is the worst of the bunch, an episode about Alois Trancy, who I gave up on caring about a long time ago. But episode six is a great one: it’s a story of a grim reaper named Will who teams up with Grell and who has the job of ending one person’s life. The nonchalant way they go about ending the poor chap’s life makes for some great humor, if gallows humor.

Overall, episode three was the best of the bunch, followed by number six and the fanservicey episode four.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 2 rating: **

Episode 3 rating: ***1/2

Episode 4 rating: ***

Episode 5 rating: *

Episode 6 rating: ***

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