Adolescence of Utena

Adolescence of Utena review


This is it for Utena. I watched the movie, I’ve completed the series. Utena is in the front-running beside Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for the most overrated anime of all time. Seriously. I never found anything I liked about it besides the occasional Nanami humor episode. This movie had nothing entertaining except for the Nanami cow jokes about halfway through.

To say I hated Utena is not completely fair, but what’s more accurate is that I never understood it. Even this movie had no coherent plot. It all seemed like a 2-hour buildup to the inevitable yuri kiss. The kiss was so obvious, yet so stupid too because it wasn’t like Utena and Anthy actually fell in love throughout the movie. No, instead, bizarre thing after bizarre thing occurred, and then eventually Utena and Anthy just get naked and kiss. It’s all fanservice!

This movie was the perfect encapsulation of the Utena series. It was nonsensical, it was bizarre, it was bordering on the line of insanity. There was nothing about it that made any coherent sense. I’m still trying to figure out what the actual plot was. If such a series was made today, it would never have made it under the strict scrutiny of today’s anime fans. It survived because it had little competition at the time. Utena isn’t good, I’m sorry to tell you. Don’t waste your money on the Super Special Edition Totally Amazing that seems to be coming out.

Movie rating: *1/2

Overall series rating: **

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