HxH 62: I throw in a Biscuit, and a big old cookie

Hunter x Hunter episode 62 review

HxH 62

Day 1 of the honeymoon for Gon and Killua begins with a tournament of rock, paper, scissors. I told you, it’s really important! The two then end up having their cards stolen, which may be a faster way of getting cards, but if everyone’s always stealing cards, who’s getting the new ones? They then choose a map. There are two choices: one is a blank map, and one has info on it. Gon of course chooses the blank map, then they have to go ask for directions. Wasn’t the point of having a map so you wouldn’t have to ask for directions? Why did you get a map, then?

Eventually, Gon and Killua end up having a fateful encounter with that girl from last episode. Her name is Biscuit, and she has a really annoying voice. I assume that’s the point, but I don’t remember her voice being so annoying in the Japanese version. Hunter x Hunter is probably the only anime I’ve picked apart the dub like this, as I usually like dubs and forgive their mistakes easily, but this dub is just not working for me. Out of the four main characters I only like two of their voices (Kurapika and Leorio), and now Biscuit has a voice I’m not a fan of. The true test will come when we find out who’s the king.

There wasn’t anything particularly putrid about this episode, so I guess I can give it a good rating. It’s just that I know where this is going, and we are probably only minutes away from the series taking its U-turn into oblivion.

Character of the episode: Biscuit

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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