Sailor Moon Saturday: Eps 87-89

Sailor Moon R episodes 87-89 review

Sailor Moon 88

So I’m finished with Sailor Moon R. (And so I like to start a lot of sentences with the word “so.”) The first two of these three episodes (87-88) were fairly good, the final battle with Prince Dimande and Wiseman, where Sailor Moon gets Chibi-Usa to use “the power of love” to defeat the enemy. Eventually it simply takes enough convincing, and Chibi-Usa gets enough power to break free of her spell and beat the bad guys.

Then Episode 89 is something I’ve never seen before, a cross between a clip show and a preview show. Basically it’s a recrap episode, except of future scenes rather than past ones. And the Sailor Guardians spend the entire episode arguing with each other during these scenes. They’re the same scenes over and over, too; very little is actually revealed. This wasn’t the way to get me interested in a new season, that’s for sure.

But I will start reviewing Sailor Moon S, sometime. Look forward to it!

Episode 87 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 88 rating: ***

Episode 89 rating: no stars

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