HxH 61: Booku

Hunter x Hunter episode 61 review

HxH 61

What’s missing from the English dub of Hunter x Hunter? Well, of course, the funniest thing about this arc: the way the other characters pronounce “book.” They say “book-u” and it sounds so funny that it makes you want them to keep on saying “booku.”

But enough about that. This episode looks like it’s going to give us an introduction to the game, when all of a sudden a player explodes. Gon and Killua rush to find out what happened, and it appears “the Bomber” has killed that man, in an attempt to steal his cards. One must wonder how “the Bomber” gets those cards, because wouldn’t “the Bomber” have to be the first one at the scene of the crime in order to steal the cards? Either “the Bomber” gets there first and is obviously caught as being “the Bomber,” or “the Bomber” doesn’t get there first and someone else steals the cards first.

We also get an awkward love confession from Gon to Killua (come on, this is about as obvious of a yaoi couple as it gets). Killua then silently confesses his love back to Gon. Why? Because Gon decided to play the game on his own. That seems like an awfully small thing to get all lovey-dovey about;I would have expected this more after a great big battle or something. In any case, there’s a girl watching them, and from the looks of it, she must be plotting something evil. (Or maybe she just wants to eat biscuits with them…)

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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