Utena 33-36: Trippy

Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 33-36 review

Utena 34

Utena has gone off the rails of sanity. It is no longer coherent or capable of basic human understanding. It is much like Eric Matthews in Boy Meets World. Once able to function as a human being, Eric becomes utterly insane by the end of the series. The same is true for Utena. It has gone into what I call “The Evangelion Zone.” Like The Twilight Zone, Utena has crossed that barrier into stuff along the lines of Evangelion episodes 25 and 26.

Whether this is the result of low budgeting or simply the creator losing his mind, I have no clue. What is clear at this point is that there’s no coming back. It’s completely gone. Maybe someone can explain to me some of what goes on late in this series, because I’m at a loss for words. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and if it’s not being played for laughs, then I don’t know what the point of it is. I can’t explain to you what went on in these four episodes because I simply do not know. It’s almost as if someone tried to do a recap episode but randomly selected scenes from all over the series and just threw them together.

I’m not even rating these on a four-star scale. There’s simply nothing to review. They made no sense whatsoever, and I can’t recommend this series to anyone who’s sober. Maybe if you’re under the influence of something, you might make sense of this. Otherwise, it’s just… out there.

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