E21 35-36: The Junction Boys

Eyeshield 21 episodes 35-36 review

E21 36

The training continues… and continues… and continues. Just like the movie The Junction Boys, the Devil Bats are put through a ridiculous training regimen and have to make it to the end no matter what. There really wasn’t much substance in either of these two episodes, just the characters pushing the heavy truck through the desert and out of a pond. This wasn’t very fun to watch, and even less fun to listen to; all you’d hear was grunting by the characters. I wonder how they keep up that grunting even while talking to each other. In any case, a real dud of a week for Eyeshield 21.

But they’re out of the desert now, and the trainer just won a ton of money betting on Red 21 at the Las Vegas casino! So maybe some actual exciting stuff is about to happen.

Episode 35 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 36 rating: **

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