HxH 60: Let the games begin

Hunter x Hunter episode 60 review

HxH 60

It’s Greed Island time! And that means we begin to get situations like this: characters angsting over meaningless things such as when to get in line. It doesn’t matter when you get in line, Killua, it just matters how good your Nen is! If you and Gon had gotten in line, you would have gotten in regardless of the fact that you were in line; your Nen was good enough either way! And to think half the episode was spent on such a frivolous topic!

The other half is spent going over the laborious rules of the game. If you think this is boring, just wait for the rest of the game to be explained. Seriously, I don’t know how this game ever got off the ground or why Ging was considered so great of a game developer.

But what may have been stupidest of all in this episode was how they decided the order of people going in the game. You’ve got a room full of 40 people, how do you decide the order? I know! Rock-paper-scissors. Yeah, that’ll work. Yes, it is technically possible to decide the order that way; you need a very complicated bracket to do so, and it will take at least 80 matches or so to figure it out. No one thought common sense: a simple drawing of names from a hat. No, instead, it’s rock-paper-scissors. Why is this relevant? Because rock-paper-scissors becomes the impetus for so much more in this series. It is a key plot point.

Now, has Hunter x Hunter jumped the shark? Not yet. Not until that one moment that you’ll know when you see it. It’s probably not for a little while yet, but I’ll tell you when it happens (as if you’ll need to be prodded). For now, HxH is wallowing in mediocrity. It isn’t flat-out bad yet.

Character of the episode: Melody

Her touching words to Leorio about him and Kurapika gave this episode something good to hang its hat on.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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