AD 1-2: Hiccup

Azumanga Daioh episodes 1-2 review

AD 2

The real star of these first two episodes was not the one I expected. My prediction was that Osaka was going to catch my fancy. If not her, then at least Sakaki for fanservice purposes. But guess who captured my heart?


So it’s Tomo who’s the one I’ve latched onto. Her energetic spirit and means for making any situation funny is exactly what I was hoping for. For some reason, I thought Osaka would be that one. Nope, it’s Tomo. So Tomo it is. The Konata Izumi of this series. The one who makes it tick.

These first two episodes were good, and there was no awkward “let’s talk about food” in the first episode. Osaka separating her two chopsticks was humorous, but sorry Osaka, I’m going with Tomo right now. Even when it was Osaka hiccuping, Tomo won the scene. A great start for this series.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 2 rating: ***1/2

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