BBII 4-6: Backwards Butler

Black Butler II episodes 4-6 review


Something really strange is going on: I’m enjoying season 2 of Black Butler more than season 1. That’s not supposed to happen. I’m supposed to hate the second season, but instead it’s turning out to be much more interesting than the first one. Maybe it helps that I know all the characters already, so there’s no time to be wasted in developing those characters. But maybe it’s also because the plot has a clear and unambiguous villain who I know is the ultimate enemy.

In these episodes, Sebastian first avoids trouble on a train, then the real meat of the plot happens when Alois Trancy confronts Ciel. Now we have Trancy as the villain, a brat who treats his one butler Hannah like garbage and who wants to own Ciel. We also have some big-breasted women in these episodes; Hannah and Ran-Mao both have giant boobs, and both wear revealing outfits, including one scene where Hannah strips down naked. So just like Misato promised us in Evangelion, there’s lots of fanservice!

Overall, I like where this is headed. There’s no more of the meandering plots from season 1 that seemed to go nowhere. Instead, there’s a clear direction to the plot, and lots of great characters that make it fun to watch. I’m optimistic about the rest of this season!

Episode 4 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 5 rating: ***1/2

Episode 6 rating: ***1/2

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