Utena 29-32: Siscon Week

Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 29-32 review

Utena 31

This must be Siscon Week, because now in 3 out of 3 shows that I’ve watched, the subject of brotherly love or sisterly love has come up. First, in Eyeshield 21, it was Suzuna’s brother who had something for her. Then, in Baka & Test, it was Akihisa’s sister who wanted to kiss him. Now, in Revolutionary Girl Utena, it’s focused heavily on Nanami, who has a thing for her brother Touga. Or, should I say, her supposed brother Touga.

The first two episode were cookie-cutter episodes that I really don’t have much to say about. But the last two were interesting, as they focused on Nanami, who finds out that her brother Touga is not really her brother. Should make things easier, right? After all, she has an enormous crush on Touga. Now everything is free between the two, right? Well, actually, no. Touga rejects Nanami, and then Nanami gets furious at him, and then it’s off to the dueling arena again. Honestly, this show isn’t very coherent; lots of subplots have no resolution onscreen, they just kind of work their way out without us ever seeing how. But at least I enjoyed the two episodes focused on Nanami, as I seem to always do.

Now it’s time for this show to end. Not that it’s bad, just that time is running out. 7 episodes to go, plus a movie. Utena will be gone before you know it!

Episode 29 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 30 rating: **

Episode 31 rating: ***1/2

Episode 32 rating: ***

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