30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 25: Favorite Female Protagonist

Easy pick here, as I’ll go with my defending Anime Bracket Champion Kuniko Hojo from Shangri-La. (I’ll keep on talking about Shangri-La until everyone has finally seen it.) Kuniko is perfect because she’s imperfect. She’s got lots of flaws that make her a believable character. She’s strong-willed, a bit hard-headed, and self-sacrificial. She makes mistakes along the way, and even commits crimes in a desperate attempt at freeing her people. But she grows as a character and eventually becomes the heroine who takes on the evil Ryoko Naruse. There’s so much to like about Kuniko, who deserves this win.

E21 33-34: My little sister can’t be this cute

Eyeshield 21 episodes 33-34 review

E21 33

Remember that girl who keeps on showing up in the opening, yet has had only one brief appearance in the series so far? She just so happens to be in the same spot in America that Sena is. Where are they now, San Antone or somewhere? They have a fateful encounter, and Suzuna (her name) tells Sena that her brother is trying out for a semipro team or such. Then the crazed brother shows up, and he turns out to be quite the attention-getter.

Sena decides to try to help him make the team, or in other words he gets roped into it. In any case, Sena’s great skills help his team win, but Suzuna’s brother fails to make the team. However, Sena and Suzuna convince him to try to join the Devil Bats as a tight end. After all, the team has somehow been playing games with 9 actual players that I can count. So player #10 has joined, and I can’t remember his name. That’s okay, I can’t remember half the team’s names at this point. There’s Sena, Hiruma, Kurita, Monta… the Ha-Ha Brothers… yeah, that’s all I got. And Monta’s a nickname anyway. So I know 3 players’ names and the 2 girls’ names. At this point I’ll know the whole cheerleading squad before I get the players’ names.

In any case, if I were to hold a power rankings on the best shows that I’m watching on a weekly basis, Eyeshield 21 would win by a wide margin. Spiral would probably be in second, even though it’s over, then Lucky Star. Eyeshield 21 is really good, folks, and you don’t need to know American football to understand it. In fact, you’re probably better off if you DON’T know American football! It’s not the best when it comes to the actual football action. But all the off-the-field stuff can’t be beat!

Episode 33 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 34 rating: ***1/2