BB II 1-3: So, Sally can wait

Black Butler II episodes 1-3 review


Black Butler II starts with a bizarre episode about another brat (not Ciel) who has a butler, and this brat treats everyone horribly. Eventually, Sebastian shows up with Ciel inside a trunk, and tricks the brat into giving him some tea that can wake Ciel up. Why he wants that, I have no clue, but that’s our way of getting us back into normal Black Butler again.

In episodes 2 and 3, it’s as if nothing from the first series ever happened. It’s just the usual hijinks with Ciel, Sebastian, Elizabeth, Baldroy, Finnian and Mey-Rin. And the episodes are self-contained, which is fine, but I wasn’t ever really into the first Black Butler‘s “slice-of-butler-life” nor am I into them now. So they end up as average episodes. Obviously it’s going to take something special to win me over now.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 2 rating: **1/2

Episode 3 rating: **

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