LS 21-24: Pom-poms

Lucky Star episodes 21-24 review

LS 24

So I’m finished with Lucky Star, and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations. Sure, it started out really weird, but once I got used to it, it became pretty funny. I’m not sure who my favorite character is; Konata’s the funny one, but without Kagami to bounce her jokes off, she wouldn’t be so funny. The dynamic between those two is the key to the whole show.

Well, not the whole show! Because there’s Lucky Channel, which is also hilarious. The incident from episode 21 when Minoru came back and just utterly went off on Akira is one of the best moments of all of Lucky Star. Then the two of them refused to reconcile with each other over the final three episodes, just adding to the humor.

Bye-nee, Lucky Star! You’ll be replaced on Fridays by Azumanga Daioh.

Overall series rating (out of four stars): ***

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