BB 20-24: Foregone conclusion

Black Butler episodes 20-24 review


Let’s make this blunt: Black Butler will not go down as one of my favorite anime series ever. Yet I can’t call it mediocre, either. It’s somewhere in between. It had a ton of potential, but wasted that potential on a crazy insane over-the-top angels vs. demons plot which completely changed the tone of the series.

After what seems to be a normal episode in Episode 20, the series takes a left turn and ends up pretty much the same place Trinity Blood did. Trinity Blood, if you’ll recall from the dead blog, changed drastically in tone for its final two episodes, leaving the viewer in utter confusion as the final curtain dropped. That was the same thing here. Suddenly we got this super-depressing and dramatic angels demons reapers fire blood cleansing explosions stream of consciousness that had my head spinning. The last half of the final episode at least made a few things make sense, but it was too late by then; Black Butler was far too gone.

The bonus episode OVA included on the DVD was actually very good. If you watch it after seeing the series, you’ll appreciate it. It was very funny, and also carried a message that Ciel should have heeded. That was the one concession I’ll give a very disappointing series.

Overall series rating (out of four stars): **

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