30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 13: Favorite Single Episode of Anime

This is a toughie. To think back at all the episodes I’ve ever watched, which one stands out the most? I’ll point out a few that come to mind.

Episode 26 of Cowboy Bebop, “The Real Folk Blues, Part 2”

This one isn’t fair, because in reality it’s a two-part episode. Still, it’s one of the most exciting and dramatic finishes to an anime of all time (and a great contender for the best ending to a series).

Episode 161 of InuYasha, “Miroku’s Past Mistake”

The first episode of anime I saw in 2007 which got me back into anime. Watching it ten years later, it still has all the charm that it did on that first night. It’s a clear contender.

That episode in Bleach where Aizen betrays Momo

I can’t find what episode this was, but Aizen is discovered to still be alive, and he greets Momo, then suddenly stabs her. It’s such a shocking moment that it turns Bleach on its head. Definitely a contender.

After thinking about it, I’m going with InuYasha. If that episode isn’t as good as it is, I may never have become a big anime fan. So InuYasha wins this one.

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