Sailor Moon Saturday: Eps 85-86

Sailor Moon R episodes 85-86 review

Sailor Moon Badminton

I lost interest during these episodes. The fact of the matter was, they’re all the same old cookie cutter. (That’s a phrase that ought to get bolded on this blog from now on, like “tomfoolery” and “not much happened.”) A good guy gets turned evil (in this case, Chibi-Usa, who becomes Black Lady), the Sailor Guardians try to convince her to turn good again, the “good guy” attacks the Sailor Guardians and would kill them, if not for Tuxedo Mask stepping in to SAVE them at the last second. “SAVE” is another bolded word here.

The next episode was boring and dull. There really wasn’t much to speak of, except for Black Lady shooting badminton at the Sailor Guardians. Badminton needs to be the next sport to get an anime. Heck, we’ve now got Quiz Bowls as an anime.

Episode 85 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 86 rating (out of four stars): *1/2

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