30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 5: Favorite Anime Opening Theme Song

Wow. This is tough, even though I ranked my Top 10 just a few weeks ago. Because “favorite” and “best” aren’t equal. While I’d love to give it to “Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare” by May’n from Shangri-La or “Into The Sky” by Tielle from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, ultimately I have to still go with “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Yoko Takahashi, from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s iconic. It’s meme-worthy. It’s perfect. With all due apologies to The Seatbelts and Cowboy Bebop‘s “Tank!,” there’s nothing better than “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”

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