E21 27-28: Back in the U.S.

Eyeshield 21 episodes 27-28 review

E21 27

Goofiness ruled in Episode 27, where first Hiruma pushes everyone out the plane and forces them to use parachutes. But wait, that was just a dream! In reality, there’s a girl who has a stuffed animal that looks exactly like Cerberus, the dog that happens to be the mascot of the Devil Bats. In addition, there’s two bad guys who stole a diamond and try to hide it in said stuffed animal. What happens? A lot of bizarre stuff which ends with Cerberus biting the bad guys and winning a reward for the Devil Bats who now have the money to pay for their hotel in Houston. It’s actually a lot crazier than I described it, but I can’t possibly get every last detail of this crazy episode.

In Episode 28, Sena and Monta go and help out Panther’s grandmother’s street team to win a game so they can take part in a parade. The way they play football, however, makes the game seem very boring. Every play is Monta jumping really high, falling back to the ground and Sena taking the ball off him, then zooming past defenders to the end zone. If that’s all football was, it would suck. Fortunately, real-life football is more exciting.

So my only problem with Eyeshield 21 is that the actual football play isn’t very good. Everything else about it is excellent, especially the characters.

Episode 27 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 28 rating (out of four stars): ***

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