B&T 1-2: A for effort

Baka & Test episodes 1-2 review


The beginning of a brand new series, and this is totally beyond what I had expected! Basically, Yoshii is a boy who isn’t very good at school tests, so he gets put in Class F along with the girls Mizuki and Minami, both of whom immediately have crushes on him. You know where this is going, right?

So in this series, you have battles using your avatars, but your avatars’ strength is based on how well you do at school tests. If you “die,” you have to go back and take a remedial test. Everything is based on tests. So how come those girls in the pic above (Mizuki and Minami) are in Class F? Mizuki got put there because she got sick during an exam, and Minami is from Germany and doesn’t know Japanese, so she fails the Japanese portions of exams. In other words, the Class F has ringers in it, girls who aren’t as dumb as they look. This causes them to win battles against “smarter” kids.

But let’s be honest, the plot is secondary. It’s all about the relationships between the characters. Minami is your typical tsundere who beats up on Yoshii, while Mizuki is the super-nice cute girl who is most certainly going to be rejected by Yoshii in favor of the psycho Minami. Then you’ve got others like Hideyoshi, a guy who looks like a girl, and Yuji, a red-headed guy who’s constantly trying to make Class F take on higher classes. But the funny part is, they constantly fail, since they’re “idiots.”

In the first episode, Class F takes on Class E, and wins after Yuji buys time for Mizuki to take a remedial exam to build up her avatar’s score. In the second episode, Yoshii glues his hand to a table, which he brings along with him everywhere, while Class F goes up against Class A, and splits the first two battles 2-2 before Yuji totally chokes on an exam up against Shouko, the Class A girl who then forces Yuji to go out on a date with her. Is it nonsense? Yes, but it’s funny.

It’s all comedy, nothing serious. That’s what made these first two episodes a refreshing change. It looks like I’m going to really enjoy Baka & Test, typical love triangle or no.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 2 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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