30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 3: Most Underrated Anime

Shangri-La, Shangri-La, Shangri-La. Such an amazing anime, on the level of Evangelion in my mind. It’s got tons of great characters, many relationships between them, and crazy reveals that leave you on the edge of your seat. Sadly enough, almost no one has heard of it. This is one you need to see, it’s well worth it!

The announcement you’ve been waiting for

Baka & Test

It’s a short announcement, but here it goes: Baka & Test will be the next show I review here on Tom-foolery! Originally I was going to go with Fate/stay night, but seeing cosplays of Baka & Test got me to switch to that show instead. So I’ll be watching Baka & Test on Tuesdays, at least 2 episodes per week, and reviewing the episodes here. It’ll keep you company while you wait for next week’s all-new Toonami!