LS 15-16: The Melancholy of Konata Izumi

Lucky Star episodes 15-16 review

LS 16

Let’s talk about something more pleasant, shall we? Episode 15 was okay, but Episode 16 was what I had been waiting for the last 7 years. It was Konata Izumi as Haruhi Suzumiya, and all the Haruhi jokes you could ever want. If you don’t know Haruhi, you’re not going to get any of these jokes, but since I do, they were awesome. I loved all the Haruhi references, which ranged from Haruhi to Kyon to Nagato to Mikuru to the songs from the series. So much win in this episode.

Episode 15 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 16 rating (out of four stars): ****

AoT 34: Those Titans

Attack on Titan episode 34 review

AoT 34

It wasn’t until our podcast host Michael told me this week on the cast itself that I was able to figure it out… Reiner and Bertholdt are, apparently, the real bad guys of the series. Up to this point, I had been thinking that they were just Titans that looked similar to ones we had seen already. I didn’t realize that they were those Titans… the ones who caused all this mess.

Maybe that’s a bit of stupidity on my part, but let’s face it: Attack on Titan has never been the most accessible show. Too many flashbacks. And it’s never been as good as everyone says it is, with this episode being a prime example. AoT had a miserable first season, then started to redeem itself early on this season, but has since flopped in the last several episodes with flashback-heavy stuff. This episode didn’t have as many flashbacks, however; it just sucked.

Why did it suck? Because it consisted of Eren going nuts when he didn’t even have arms to fight with, and also of Reiner literally losing his mind. Now, if AoT is trying to have a serious discussion on split personalities and mental illnesses, maybe this is justifiable to an extent. But then again, just like the 44th president of the United States did so often, the guy with the mental illness is painted out to be the mass murderer. You can’t have a serious talk about such things as schizophrenia or whatever, if you’re going to make the person with it be someone who’s killed tens of thousands of people. During the last presidential term, it seemed every month the president was getting up there and denouncing those with mental illnesses because they commit mass murder crimes and shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. I’m no gun nut (actually I hate guns), but if that’s the type of talk AoT‘s trying to have here, then count me out.

So you’ve got this thing going on with Reiner where we don’t have the slightest clue about whether he’s mentally stable, and we also have Ymir pretty much acting like she’s in on the whole thing yet she’s also innocent. I get it, everyone wants Ymir and Christa to sleep together. But before we get there, Ymir needs to act somewhat logically and not just keep on being a tease. Right now she behaves so erratically that it seems as if she’s purposely acting weird just to fool the viewer. That type of teasing is a fourth wall tease that is a cheap trick to use. Yet another reason why this season has gone south all so suddenly.

So let’s sum it up: Mikasa makes sure to say “Eren” one more time, Eren goes nuts, Ymir plays with the viewers’ minds, Bertholdt cowers in a corner, and Reiner loses it. Yes, this is your Attack on Titan season 2, everybody. It’s strayed from the path – once doing well, now back to the old follies of season 1 again. Any doubt that season 3 is going to be an utter mess?

Character of the episode: Reiner

Episode rating (out of four stars): *