BB 15-16: Chopped

Black Butler episodes 15-16 review

BB 16

These episodes left me wondering what the big fuss about Black Butler is. Is it just over the implied yaoi between Ciel and Sebastian? Because neither of these episodes made much sense nor entertained me. The first one has a blatant rip-off of Iron Chef, and then someone sprinkles in some magic dust into the curry that makes everyone controlled by a magical force, and Sebastian has to fight them off. Unfortunately it’s not nearly as interesting as it sounds.

The second one has Sebastian entertaining the ghosts of a couple of long-dead princes, and this one too doesn’t make much sense nor is it very enjoyable. These episodes were just plain mediocre, and now I wonder if Black Butler is ever going to live up to its potential.

Episode 15 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 16 rating (out of four stars): *1/2

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