Spiral 22-25: That’s it?!

Spiral episodes 22-25 review

Spiral 25

The final episode of Spiral is here, and it’s as disappointing as everyone said it would be. Let’s start with the fact that two of the prior three episodes were pretty much full of just Ayumu angsting and Shinji Ikari-ing the whole time. One of the episodes did feature the Blade Children trying to avoid being killed by a Hunter, so that was pretty cool, but the three episodes just blended into each other thanks to all of Ayumu’s angsting.

What is he even angsting about? That he’s not his older brother? Here’s the thing, the series is over and we still don’t know the fate of his older brother. That’s what makes Episode 25 so disappointing.

While Episode 25 does have a cool scene where Ayumu has to avoid being blown up by a fireworks factory (somehow he’s always in a position where he is going to get blown up), the end of the series fails to wrap up any loose ends. What are the Blade Children? That was the question posed in Episode 1, and 25 episodes later we’re no closer to knowing that answer. Where is Ayumu’s brother? Again, nothing. Heck, we don’t even see Ayumu and Hiyono get closer together. It’s as if the show got cancelled after Episode 25 with tons of stuff left to go. Maybe that is what happened.

In any case, I liked Spiral, but I wanted more. When a show finishes before the manga, that’s always a bad sign. Few shows have worked out well in that case; Fullmetal Alchemist is the exception, having in my opinion a better anime-only storyline than its actual manga storyline (which we suffered through in Brotherhood). On Sunday, I will reveal what show is taking Spiral‘s place! This one’s an interesting one…

Spiral final series rating (out of four stars): ***