TG 12: There… are… 993… lights!

Tokyo Ghoul episode 12 review

TG 12

This will be my final time watching Tokyo Ghoul. The events of this episode were so disgusting and appalling that I had to look away for most of it, barely looking at the screen because the violence was so overwhelming.

Let’s be blunt: there was no need for the outrageous violence and torture of Kaneki, which has now gone on for three straight episodes. Even when Picard was tortured, you only saw it for a few seconds. Here, we see non-stop violence and bleeding and fingers being removed and screaming and everything. Did we really need to see all that? I think we got the point two episodes ago.

This was the perfect microcosm of Tokyo Ghoul, all in one episode. Incoherent plot? Check. Gratuitous violence? Check. Confusing situations? Check. And Evangelion wannabe Shinji Ikari Kaneki? Check. I will not watch another episode of Tokyo Ghoul, whenever its second season airs. There’s no need to cause my stomach any more pain than I got from this episode.

Episode rating (out of four stars): no stars

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