Sailor Moon Saturday: Eps 81-82

Sailor Moon R episodes 81-82 review

Sailor Moon 82

Episode 81 was the typical tomfoolery of every single Sailor Moon episode to date, so there’s no need to review it. Basically, Chibi-Usa causes a problem, the Sailor Guardians have to solve it, and Tuxedo Mask steps in to save the day. Same as always. That bad, huh?

Episode 82 mixes things up, though. The Sailor Guardians go to Sailor Pluto, because they need to go to the future to save Chibi-Usa’s mom and take care of business there. Sailor Pluto gets only a brief bit of airtime, but it was nice to see her. Then there’s a pretty good battle between Esmeraude and the Sailor Guardians, and now they’re headed to Crystal Tokyo to see the dystopian future waiting for them. A nice setup for next episode.

Episode 81 rating (out of four stars): *1/2

Episode 82 rating (out of four stars): ***

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