TG 11: Hey it’s George, I got nothing to say

Tokyo Ghoul episode 11 review

TG 11

Your writers were so preoccupied with whether or not you could add a ton of characters in such a small period of time… you didn’t stop to think if you SHOULD! Seriously, there have been so many character introduced in the last couple of episodes that I have no idea who over half of them are, and I have even less idea what the heck is going on over there. That’s a problem with this show; I can’t fix that.

Also, what’s with all this torture of Kaneki? If I cared about him, maybe it would matter, but this isn’t Captain Picard being tortured by the Cardassians. When Picard hurt, we all hurt. But we barely know Kaneki, so it makes no difference to us that he’s getting tormented. This series is an absolute mess, and as soon as this season ends, I will cease all reviews of Tokyo Ghoul for good, unless the show makes a miraculous Samurai Champloo-esque recovery.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *