Spiral 18-19: Snail’s pace

Spiral episode 18-19 review

Spiral 18

I’d review episode 18 for you if there was anything to review. Unfortunately, the pacing of the episode was horrible and absolutely nothing of note happened.

Pacing was again a problem in episode 19, but at least there was a plot about one of the Hunters trying to kill one of the Blade Children. Ayumu helps track down the Hunter, but he gets away in a blue van. Meanwhile, Rutherford (one of the Blade Children) finds the box that supposedly has the bomb to kill, and it’s empty. A really weird result, but as has gone on in the past, there’s a lot of bluffing in Spiral.

Overall, neither episode was very good, and as a result Spiral spun out this week.

Episode 18 rating (out of four stars): *

Episode 19 rating (out of four stars): **

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