TG 10: Kaneki kidnapped

Tokyo Ghoul episode 10 review

TG 10

Ugh. Can Tokyo Ghoul be any more boring? The main character gets kidnapped and I still don’t care. As soon as season 1 ends, I will no longer be reviewing Tokyo Ghoul, even if Adult Swim chooses to air season 2. This show is just the pits.

What makes this episode suck so bad is the old guy telling everyone “don’t even bother trying to save Kaneki” then reversing face two minutes later. What was the point in saying that if you really didn’t mean it? That wasn’t any sort of dramatic irony; that was just pure stupidity. It’s moments like these that make Tokyo Ghoul the second-worst show on Toonami (and the worst once Gundam Unicorn leaves the block).

Episode rating (out of four stars): *