HxH 54: Wheel of Fortune

Hunter x Hunter episode 54 review

HxH 54

Chrollo has gained Neon’s ability to tell the fortunes of those in the Phantom Troupe. Each of these poems points toward half of the Phantom Troupe dying. He even gives one to Hisoka, who has a totally different poem than the others. Then, when Hisoka shows his poem to Pakunoda, it completely changes. All this while Nobunaga wants to avenge Uvo, and is ready to come to blows with Hisoka.

Then there’s Kurapika, who continues to go through character growth. After last episode when he seemed to have lost all hope, he takes comfort in his friends Gon, Killua, and Leorio, and uses their playfulness to get over the loss of avenging the Phantom Troupe and to change his focus to simply recovering the Scarlet Eyes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that by the end of the episode, Hisoka texts Kurapika to let him know that the corpses were fake, and that Kurapika now does have hunting down the Phantom Troupe as a possibility.

Another fantastic episode, and I’m just warning you: enjoy Hunter x Hunter while you can. This arc is ending soon, and afterward, we’ll be talking Sword Art Online quality – not bad, but not great either.

Character of the episode: Kurapika

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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