E21 19-21: No overtime?

Eyeshield 21 episodes 19-21 review

E21 20

These three episodes contain the game between Deimon and the Sphinx. Since they’re all one game, I’ll just combine my reviews together. What I like best about these episodes is that they do a good job of teaching football to the uneducated fan. This is especially true when Deimon chooses to go for a two-point conversion after their final touchdown (although they inexplicably call the two-pointer a “touchdown” even though it was only worth two points).

There’s some character development with Monta as he uses his determination to catch a late touchdown pass. And there’s some hilarity with Hiruma firing his guns and kicking people in the butt. What confused me was the fact that there was no overtime to this game. What were these rules, pre-NFL-AFL merger rules? Overtime has been part of football ever since the mid-1970s (and even prior to that in postseason contests). Instead, the Sphinx team just kind of quits and chooses to let Deimon advance to play the American team. What a lame result, I wanted to see overtime.

Overall, Eyeshield 21 is in better shape than any of the other four shows that I’m currently watching. It is currently on pace to be a really good one.

Episodes 19-21 rating (out of four stars): ***

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