AoT 31: The victors write the Historia books

Attack on Titan episode 31 review

AoT 31

Ymir isn’t dead! She’s given up an arm and a leg for the right to be alive, but she’s still with us. Sasha still cares only about food, which is cute, and Christa’s absolutely obsessed with Ymir. Or, should I say, “Historia” is completely obsessed with Ymir.

In any case, Bertholdt and Reiner start talking weird, and the rest of the Scout Regiment decides to have a huddle about why they’re acting so strange. A short time later, the two turn into Titans themselves. So what I’m guessing here is that the big plot twist in Attack on Titan is that everyone’s a Titan. The question of whether you are a “good” Titan or a “bad” Titan relies on your relationship to one Captain Levi (similarly to real-life America, where you are judged as either “good” or “bad” on whether you’ve got a “D” or an “R,” respectively, next to your name).

This was a rather shocking episode, and for something so jarring, I must give a high rating. Still, I can’t overlook how cute Sasha was yet again. She is amazing.

Character of the episode: Potato Girl

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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