AoT 31: The victors write the Historia books

Attack on Titan episode 31 review

AoT 31

Ymir isn’t dead! She’s given up an arm and a leg for the right to be alive, but she’s still with us. Sasha still cares only about food, which is cute, and Christa’s absolutely obsessed with Ymir. Or, should I say, “Historia” is completely obsessed with Ymir.

In any case, Bertholdt and Reiner start talking weird, and the rest of the Scout Regiment decides to have a huddle about why they’re acting so strange. A short time later, the two turn into Titans themselves. So what I’m guessing here is that the big plot twist in Attack on Titan is that everyone’s a Titan. The question of whether you are a “good” Titan or a “bad” Titan relies on your relationship to one Captain Levi (similarly to real-life America, where you are judged as either “good” or “bad” on whether you’ve got a “D” or an “R,” respectively, next to your name).

This was a rather shocking episode, and for something so jarring, I must give a high rating. Still, I can’t overlook how cute Sasha was yet again. She is amazing.

Character of the episode: Potato Girl

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Utena 9-10: Slowing down

Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 9-10 review

Utena 10

These episodes depressed me. Not that they were over-the-top depressing, but because there wasn’t much substance in either episode, and now I’m starting to fear that Utena just isn’t the series for me. It’s hard to understand what the beep is going on over there, and worse, even once you do understand, you don’t really care, because there’s just not enough true action. Both of these episodes were mediocre, but I’m not giving up the ship – Utena still has about 29 or so episodes to go.

Episode 9 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 10 rating (out of four stars): **