TG 9: Find the letter

Tokyo Ghoul episode 9 review

Tokyo Ghoul Parrot

So the peeps on Tokyo Ghoul now have a parrot named Hetare as a pet. That’s probably the most interesting thing about this episode, which includes a scene with that evil guy named Mado. I’m not even sure whether Mado is alive or dead; the show is too confusing for me to figure that out. Basically, the investigators are now all teaming up to capture the ghouls. And guess who’s a ghoul? Kaneki! That means… Kaneki is in jeopardy!

Seriously, everything about this episode, especially the Mado scene, was so predictable that I was practically saying the words before they came on screen. This show is a hot boiling mess. I can’t believe people like this crap. There is not one redeeming factor about Tokyo Ghoul – not even the voice acting is good. It is beginning to rival Gundam Unicorn for my least favorite show on Toonami. Thankfully Gundam Unicorn is going away. Please go away too, Tokyo Ghoul.

Episode rating (out of four stars): 1/2

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