E21 14-18: Winners never quit

E21 14

So, it’s another week of watching 5 episodes of Eyeshield 21. I’ll be a bit more brief with my reviews of each episode.

#14: Lots of people want to sign up for the team after Eyeshield 21’s amazing performance in the prior game, so they go through interviews to find out if they should be on the team. Hiruma tells his teammates (including Sena) to look for how they posture themselves when deciding whether they should be on offense or defense. Then Hiruma forces all the players to climb up Tokyo Tower with a bag of ice which must not melt before they reach the top. It’s hilarious, actually, and it also involves getting the team to not give up, so there’s a bit of growing as characters too. Rating: ***1/2

#15: This one is a riot. Hiruma wants Sena to gain more stamina, so he sends him out as Eyeshield 21 and then gets over the loudspeaker to make the entire school chase after him. If that’s not enough, Hiruma also gets the Chameleon team to chase after him. So Sena has absolutely everyone chasing after him, and then the Chameleons kidnap Mamori in an attempt to track down Eyeshield 21. Once they have Eyeshield 21, they force Sena to reveal himself to Mamori. Just when you think Sena’s cover is blown, Hiruma shows up and says “I am Eyeshield 21” and then the entire team shows up saying “I am Eyeshield 21” and they are all wearing the exact outfit of Eyeshield 21. It reminded me of that “I am Fenwick” commercial by Southwest Airlines. Mamori somehow falls for it, just as she fell for the idea that the reason Sena and Eyeshield 21 aren’t ever at the same place at once being because they must not like each other. There was no football in this episode, but that’s okay; it was hilarious. Rating: ****

#16: Kurita happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he’s right there when three guys knock down and destroy stuff at a mall. Kurita gets framed, and he doesn’t want to cost his team a chance at the Christmas Bowl, so he decides to quit the team. The team then goes out to clear his name, and they do so, but not before Kurita has a nightmare that his actions not only forfeit the Christmas Bowl but also turn him into a Godzilla-esque monster who gets missiles fired at him. Yes, it is as funny as it sounds. Rating: ***

#17: Hiruma gets the team to learn how to run routes by holding a barbecue. If they want any food, they’ve got to run the right route, where he will shoot the pieces of meat. Unfortunately, no one can run the right route, so the dog mascot eats all the food. Then the team runs into two players on an opposing team, who know how to run routes. Those players then take on the Ojo White Knights, where their route-running stakes them to a 20-7 halftime lead. Ojo ends up coming back to win 21-20, but Sena and “Monta Magic” learn the importance of route running. Rating: ***

#18: This episode was unfortunately very forgettable. The three slackers on the team quit, but eventually decide to come back to the team. I really lost interest in the middle of this one. Surprising, because the prior episodes had been so good. Oh well, one out of five isn’t too bad.

Correction: Episode 18 wasn’t that bad. I forgot about the utterly hilarious scene where the guy reads the fake text message off Hiruma’s phone and says “Ya-ha” in the most dull voice ever. That alone redeems this episode. Rating: **1/2

If you haven’t guessed yet, I really, really like Eyeshield 21. I now want to cosplay the titular character (in full football gear).

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